Where in the World is James?

As of 11:19:15 (GMT) today, James Bowthorpe was at 41.0928, 28.0028, otherwise known as the town of Fevzipa┼ča, Northern Turkey. He's making great progress in his attempt to beat the bicycle circumnavigation world record, and raise some serious dosh for Parkinson's Research in the process.

James got in touch before he left and we quickly developed a live dashboard, tracking progress and raising awareness of his 6 month journey. Where in the World is James?

SPOT were kind enough to sponsor his use of their Satellite Messenger unit, which has been faithfully reporting his location every 10 minutes during cycling hours for the last 20 days.

It's an impressive piece of kit. Because it backhauls over satellite rather than cellular, it avoids poor reception and roaming charges, and somehow it manages to last two weeks on a pair of AA batteries. It's quite affordable too, should you want to play with one for a protospime project.

If you have any smart ideas of things to do with the route history, there's a complete export available in JSON format. Go wild, do something fun, but please let me know if you plan on hammering the server.