Weeks 48 & 49

Yerba Buena

Week 48 seems a very far away place. It started with a couple of days on El Morro with BERG, wrapping up bits and pieces and turning hacky prototype code into something a little more solid. I can't wait to see what they've produced whilst I've been away.

And then into the SXSW accelerator. Fantastic company, lots of laughter, and great to put some faces to names. A handful of good panels (Design Fiction, and Maps, Books, Spimes and Paper) made up for the social media dross. And we made a newspaper, which people seemed to like.

I remember something Matt Biddulph mentioned to me when we were talking about Dopplr once. That scaling and growing a service/site/thing isn't a smooth curve upwards - there are inflection points where things jump forward and which force you adjust to a new state. This seems sort of obvious thinking about it, but I think Newspaper Club just experienced the first one of those.

But now I'm in San Francisco, and this is holiday. Everything is sunny and new and fresh and beautiful. F arrives in a few hours and I've missed her greatly. We could be here for longer I think. It would be good.