Week 47

I always enjoy reading other people's weeknotes. It seems like a good excuse for maintaining writing momentum, without needing to think too hard. So here's mine.

I almost started writing them at the end of last week, but it was a terrible week for a variety of minor reasons. So, rather than start on a grumpy note, here's a good week: week 47 of self-employment.

Monday was busy, trying to wrangle software for BERG's El Morro project. I'm helping out for a few days doing dark things with some software that never quite expected this to be done to it. I'm just a small cog in this project, but I'm looking forward to seeing the product in action.

Also, it smelt like spring.

Tuesday was an bitty day, catching up with Newspaper Club, fixing some bugs, getting a haircut, writing a presentation, and generally hanging around The BRIG until catching a train in evening to Ipswich with Tinker.it to help run a workshop.

On Wednesday I woke at 5:30am in a Holiday Inn, and somehow managed to be coherent enough to give a talk to some senior business folk about cloud computing and hardware hacking at 8am. The rest of the day was a satisfying whirlwind of teaching and making. All to be shared in due course.

Thursday: early breakfast with the team, coffee, coffee, lunch, office, won our Designs of the Year category, did the dishes, bed.

Friday: There was a lot of sun and laughter in the office. Champagne lunch, thanks to Matt. It was a great day.

I'm enjoying the mix of work at the moment. I regularly write code in four or five different languages. I do things ranging from what I think people call design, to writing code, to handling support requests and doing businessy stuff. I'm not overwhelmed, but I'm comfortably busy. I've got space to think and breathe, but I'm never without things to get on with. This feels healthy.

Week 48 awaits.