Noticings iPhone app


Yesterday, slightly quicker than expected, the Noticings iPhone app went on sale. It does one thing well, and that's getting your photos onto Flickr with all the metadata required for Noticings.

There's been lots of chat about the App Store recently, specifically about the approval process. I was prepared for the worst, especially since the application reads the photos directly out of the /private/mobile directory to get access to the original EXIF metadata which the UIImagePickerController doesn't provide. It's not a private API, but I could see how it might be contentious.

Thankfully, my experience was smooth and painless. I submitted the app on 6th November, but resubmitted on the 11th with a bug fix. And it went on sale on the 18th. My contract and approval for paid applications was very quick and didn't involve having to sign or fax any paperwork. Quite impressed really.

No-one is going to get rich off it, but hopefully it'll provide a small revenue stream for Noticings, enough to keep the server bills paid and the game ticking over.