Last day at Headshift

Today is my last day at Headshift, and my last as an employee.

I've written this post a few times, trying to find a way of describing my time at Headshift that doesn't sound clich├ęd or insincere. Put simply, I've had a wonderful time, working with some of the smartest, most passionate people I can name. I've learnt a lot, produced some projects I'm proud of, and made some wonderful friends. One can't ask for much more really. I hope to remain part of the extended Headshift family, in both work and play.

I have no expectation of what happens next, but here's a manifesto. Being interesting is as important as being useful. Making things that delight and inspire is as important as creating value. Old systems are crumbling; the best you can do is be nimble, smart and make some trouble.

We're on the cusp of a few things that I want to be part of. The web-of-things, post-digital, and all that stuff. The geographic web and the mobile phone as a superpower. And maybe efforts avoid ending the 21st century as we started the 10th.

I've come to terms with the fact that I'm not particularly good at talking, writing or thinking out-loud about these issues. Certainly not as good as some of my friends. But I do seem to be able to make things, and that seems like a valuable skill.

So that's what I'll do, as a freelancer and as part of the Really Interesting Group.

But first, some downtime. On Wednesday I board a train and two days later I disembark a boat in Morocco. A well deserved road trip to Fez, the High Atlas, Marakech and back to Tangier. I'm looking forward to seeing that night sky again.