From Satellite Eyes

I’ve just released a little Mac app I’ve been working on for a while. It’s called Satellite Eyes. It’s pretty simple. It just sits in your menu tray, and changes your desktop wallpaper to the satellite image or map view from overhead.

There’s a proper little site for it and everything.

It’s taken much longer than expected. I tried to put it into the Mac App Store, but frankly I got bored and gave up.

The app was rejected for using personal data without consent or option. Apparently they meant that because it requires Location Services, and it quits if it isn’t granted access, that that might confuse people. I disputed that, but them’s the rules.

I might have done something about that, such as adding a demo mode, or something similar, but Location Services is broken in the sandbox in 10.7.x (acknowledged by Apple in my bug report), and the Mac App Store now requires all apps to be sandboxed.

I could’ve waited for 10.8, or maybe a patch release for 10.7, but I’ve got enough unreleased projects making me feel guilty.

So, anyway, here it is. Enjoy!