2021: week 8

  • The weather was nice this weekend so I finally got out on a bike ride out of Edinburgh. I don't really know where I'm going, so I did Two Houses from Ronde Cycling Club. It was great!

    The route went through two massive car free estates (thanks Right to Roam!) right by the sea. Little bit of jeopardy with sheep sauntering across the road on fast descent. Perfect.

  • We also rode around Arthur’s Seat in Holyrood Park. At Dunsapie Loch we spotted an (the?) otter just hanging out having a splash. Sorry (not sorry) to everyone who got overtaken on the hill up by 3 kids screaming “OVERTAKE! OVERTAKE! OVERTAKE!“.

  • This week I received 3 calls and texts from people concerned about our missing cat, including a carer calling on behalf of her client, a man who was very concerned. All were relieved to hear he returned safely.

  • We’ve been watching Dark. It is, as a friend would say, absolute bobbins.

  • When asked how old she was, L replied that she was "one and a tortoise". It took a while, through lots of laughter, but eventually we worked out she meant "and a quarter". Actually, she’s nearly 3.

  • I managed to touch my toes briefly.