2021: week 7

  • Bit late this week. Standards are slipping already.

  • It has been very snowy here. Proper snow, that sticks and stays. I took an impromptu morning off on Thursday to go sledging with the kids. Best decision I made all week.

  • On Satuday morning we got a cat flap installed. I attempted to teach the cats to use said cat flap. Big cat: totally fine. Little cat: not fine. Absolutely terrified, he does a runner down the end of the garden, back again, and then over a wall into next door and gone.

    The rest of Saturday was spent trying to decide how much to worry.

    Sunday was spent worrying and leafleting our street. The gardens behind our house opened up to let us have a look around. We posted on a few local Facebook groups.

    The neighbours got in on the action, with excited reports of footsteps sighted in the snow and other minor disturbances.

    Some time in early hours of Sunday he returned. Where did you go little cat? What did you see? He's giving nothing away.

  • In retrospect, Cat Shit Gate might have had some lasting impacts.

  • S and A will now go down the road and buy our croissants for Saturday morning coffee. We get a little push notification on Monzo when the transaction is made, so we know they've not been child murdered.

  • I went to the same cafe during the week and asked for a bacon roll. They were out of rolls, but very politely I was asked if I could pop over to the corner shop over the road to pick some more. Briefly, this completely threw me before I realised it was a very reasonable request.

  • That it's. That's the week note.