2021: week 5

  • I've adjusted to Edinburgh absolutely fine by wearing an extra layer at all times.

  • We're doing the 7 hills, one a week. First up was Calton Hill. Getting the cargo bike to the top might have given the kids the wrong idea.

  • My bike route planning brain needs an upgrade to handle a third dimension, and an extra boolean flag for cobbles.

  • I love forums where the really famous people from that community also hang out. Tao Geoghegan Hart popping into LFGSS to say thanks to everyone congratulating him on winning the Giro is a great example.

  • The kids are starting to be better than me at things, which is a both a joy and a harrowing reminder of my limited utility. This week, Dobble, in which it's clear my pattern-matching-to-vocalising pathways have degraded further than I'd hoped.