2021: week 4

  • Hello, I live in Edinburgh now.

  • The pandemic x storm x rail engineering works collab did not defeat us. F doing a job interview on the morning of the move did not defeat us. But when one of our cats did a shit in the box on the other cat and they smeared it all over each other and we found ourselves trying to clean shit off two cats with tissues in a tiny train toilet? That almost defeated us.

    Remarkably, that was not the most stressful part of Thursday 21st January. That special moment was reserved for the hour we spent in the freezing cold in Waverley station slowly discovering that someone very incompetent further up the chain had not done a special bit of paper correctly, so no-one was buying or selling any of the houses they had promised. The solicitors advised us that we should consider finding a hotel. (With two shit covered cats.)

    Thankfully, 5 minutes before the banks closed, the money landed and we owned a new house. It was quite the rollercoaster.

  • I tell you this, not for your pity, but so we can laugh about it when it's not so raw.

  • The last few days have been freezing, but clear and absolutely beautiful. We went down to our local beach and watched the old ladies go for a swim in their bobble hats.

  • That's more than enough for one week, thank you.