2021: week 3

  • Spent most of the week avoiding packing, thinking about packing or actually packing. We move to Edinburgh in 3 days.

  • Thanks house, you've been good. Lots of happy memories.

    We're leaving the kids’ heights penciled on the door frame in the hallway.

  • How is it that a tiny strip of brown tape can keep 20kg of stuff from falling out the bottom of a cardboard box? It doesn't seem right to me.

  • I like it when the conspiracy theories turn out to maybe, possibly, be real. Feels like it's important to let them have one or two every now and again.

  • Sea shanty TikTok is what I need right now. It's so basic that I think the Guardian had an article explaining it, but I don't care. It's a crying shame that we'll never get internet latency low enough that people across the world can harmonise together in real-time.

  • Phoning this one in now and going to bed now. 😴