2021: week 2

  • The weeks, they are relentless.

  • Homeschool is going about as well as expected, thanks for asking.

    I want to write about how furious I am about it all. How we had 10 months to prepare for this winter, and the best we've got is fucking Google Classroom. How there is no plan, strategy or whatever of how we're going to educate and support kids when this rolls into years 2, 3 or beyond. And how lucky we are to have spare laptops and unlimited wifi. But you've heard it all elsewhere, and I'll spare you my precious, unique take.

    Also, I had to explain to S that “WHERE IS THE SPELLING TEST??? ANYONE?” is not an appropriate message for Google Classroom. Online etiquette classes are currently running about three years ahead of schedule.

  • Good week for newsletters. Way behind everyone else, I discovered Garbage Day. It contained this sublime quote about those cheeky fascists who stormed the Capitol.

    “Things that make sense on the internet, when spoken out loud, slip away from you as if you were trying to recall a dream.”

    I feel the same whenever I find myself referring to a tweet in an IRL conversation. I can't imagine how disappointing it must be to find the same at seat of US democracy.

    Also, Money Stuff is back.

  • We rode down to London Zoo on the cargo bike and saw giraffes, zebras, camels, lions, pygmy goats and meerkats from outside the fence. Surprisingly cheering.

  • Extreme Railbiking. OMG, the views.

  • 10 days left in London 😬.