2021: week 14

  • A couple of years ago I converted an old Bang & Olufsen CX50 speaker to take a Hifiberry Beocreate DSP amplifier and a Raspberry Pi running Airplay and Spotify Connect.

    The Beocreate board has an active crossover and supports a DSP profile tuned for the CX50, so it sounds great. And I love the design — it’s just a nice object.

    Last week I managed to pick up a second board on eBay to convert the other speaker in the pair, so now we've got synchronised audio in our kitchen and living room.

    I’m very pleased with the result, but I really wish all this stuff was easier and more accessible to more people. I want to live in Walkaway, but instead I live in Github Issues.

  • The world’s largest construction vessel was sitting off our local beach this weekend until it went up the Forth.

  • Big up to the Scottish Outdoor Access Code. It’s very chill being able to go for a ride, and head up a path that just looks a bit fun without worrying about trespassing. And there’s a lot of paths that look a bit fun.

  • Did you know, most of Edinburgh has the telephone poles at the back of the house/tenament, not on the street? It's just a thing I've noticed, because ours is draped precariously across a neighbours’ tree, almost low enough to hang their washing on. I imagine at some point that will become our problem.

    Is this is the kind of content people put in the subscriber only newsletters?