2021: week 10

  • F cut my hair on Wednesday evening. The next morning L announced that I looked ‘hairyless’ and it's made me chuckle all week.

  • I’ve been enjoying S and A playing Knights and Bikes on the PS4. It’s the first game that A has got into, and it's nice that it’s a co-op with her older brother. Fun fact: Rex, one of the makers, did the original Newspaper Club logo person.

  • I rode out to a castle yesterday. They’re bloody everywhere. The countryside is littered with them.

  • I went for a walk with S in early March last year, when it was becoming obvious what was going to happen. It felt like a moment. We (mostly me) talked about how things like this - big shared experiences, with lasting impacts - don’t happen very often and it’ll be a memorable moment in his life.

    Like all meaningful chats with a 7 year old boy, he mostly shrugged, before asking when we could have a snack. C’est la vie.

  • Edd did a very good pub quiz for us on Friday afternoon, with an entire round dedicated to guessing prominent dates from the pre-history of Breakroom, based on his archaeology of our GitHub account. I was almost an entire year off guessing when we retired one of our early products. An entire year! Startup time is weird. Thankfully we avoided any questions about my git history.