Tomorrow is day five

Tomorrow is day five of my new four day week. There are things to be made, ideas to be explored, fresh notebooks to be scribbled in, and a London to be soaked up.

Come and say hello.

In Business

Another example of Radio 4 at its best. Neo urbanism and the shifting spatial fix, Jane Jacobs, patina and “muddle”, the decline and rebirth of Detroit, urban naturalism, the Toyota Production System, mass decentralisation, creativity and the problem with the “squelchers”.

It’s available for another five days.

When I was younger…

When I was younger, every now and again, my grandmother would cut out an interesting article from a newspaper or magazine, and post it to me. Usually they were about a great feat of British engineering, what with me being a boy and engineering being a good, wholesome, boy activity.

Anyway, it was great, and at the time I didn’t really repay the favour enough. Nowadays, I stumble across things that I’d like to send her, except today it doesn’t involve quickly tearing, folding and stuffing. Instead, it involves docking with USB cables, leaky printer ink and empty paper trays, because most of the stuff I’d like to send her I read online. The energy required to push data into matter always seems a bit much for what is a fleeting thought, and I never manage to do so.

Most of the interesting stuff I’ve read ends up in my delicious feed, which got me thinking. Perhaps someone could build a service that does the following:

And, I’ve probably got most of this working, albeit manually, including the beginnings of a Ruby API for Viapost, and an algorithm for selecting the main content on a page. Unfortunately, the PDF generation stuff uses a piece of software that costs $3800 for the server license, which is a bit of a limiting factor, but I’m sure that someone serious about this will find a better way.

Anyway, this won’t get anyone rich, but it’s easy(ish) to build, and perhaps it could be part of a growing breed of products that bridge the world of analogue and digital natives by playing to each others’ strengths.

You may have been reading…

You may have been reading, for which I thank you, but if you’d like to hang around, I can introduce you to scraplab, a blog for 2009 and beyond.

I’m just moving in, so it’s a little messy, but have a seat, and I’ll dig a kettle and mugs out of one of these boxes.

Now, it’s not that there was anything wrong with, and there’s plenty of stuff still stored there, it’s just that sometimes we have to cut loose of all our junk and start afresh.

Frankly, I’m excited about 2009, a year for movement over positioning; for simplicity over complexity; for disruption over the status quo. It might be messy, but I think it’s going to be fun.