I have a bad habit of rushing out grumpy blog posts that portray an argument as black or white. The internet likes those sorts of things, but the answer, of course, is that everything is shades of grey.

I didn’t mean to come across as arrogant, because I’ve “shipped”. Or to belittle those who haven’t. There are plenty of people who have released products/services/things into the public eye who are just as demanding and unsympathetic. And there are plenty of people who have never had the opportunity or desire, but can understand the trials and tribulations.

Bobbie’s point that the media is actually constantly shipping is very true. And because I’ve never experienced that world, it’s all too easy for me to stand outside it and make snarky comments.

The truth is that a good attitude to have, in any walk of life, is to assume that it’s always more complicated than it appears. And I need to remind myself of that as much as anyone.